The journey of the Enchanted businesses has felt like the creation of a family. In
1995 the Enchanted Room opened and twenty years later, in 2015, Enchanted Living was born across the street. These businesses have grown and evolved just like a family.

The idea of a family endowment was born with Laura Glueckert's desire to give back to our community. As she is planning her retirement, she feels that it is a perfect way for herself and her family to perpetuate scholarship funds to help an individual that is pursuing a creative-based education.

Over the last 27 years, Laura has been creating and collecting special quilts. These quilts will be for sale during an online auction, which will be announced at a later date. These funds will be the beginning of the family endowment. During Enchanted Room's 2023 Quilt Show on June 10th, there will be a display of these quilts in the beautiful courtyard of Sugarplum Jewelry at 103 N Douglas Street, which is located a block behind Enchanted Living.

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June 01, 2023 — Lisa Kelly